Gathering operations in North America have grown significantly in recent years with new and extensive shale production. Operators are faced with challenges including capacity constraints and more optionality in contracts, as production is outpacing the provision of new infrastructure. Continuing reliance on manual processes and spreadsheets creates inefficiencies and adds operational risk.

TIES provides a complete solution for gathering operations including nomination management, imbalance management, allocations, OBA management, Customer Activity Website, Accounting and Invoicing.

What can TIES do for a Gatherer

  • Reference Data
  • Contract Administration
  • Nomination Management
  • Electronic Bulletin Board
  • Pathed & Non Pathed Models
  • Shipper Imbalance Management
  • Volume Allocation
  • OBA Imbalance Management
  • Accounting & GL Interface
  • Accounting Settlements, GL Interface
  • Shipper Nominations
  • Confirmation Letters
  • Invoice Generation
  • Auditing
  • Fast Loading Wizards
  • Reporting & Dashboards
  • Gas, Oil, NGLs, Condensate, Water